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PA & NJ Commercial

Debt Collection Attorney

Joseph M. Adams

Serving Pennsylvania & New Jersey

Why Use the Commercial Debt Collection Services of Attorney Adams?

  • Innovative Recovery Methods: In addition to the use of traditional civil lawsuits against debtors, Mr. Adams has mastered and incorporated the rarely-used involuntary bankruptcy petition process to enforce debt payments under § 303(b)(1) of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code—setting him apart from most conventional commercial debt collection attorneys. This was exemplified while he represented telecommunications carrier, Sprint Communications Company in a large commercial debt collection case. There, Mr. Adams successfully organized and led a team of creditors, collectively holding claims totaling $1.4 million against the debtor corporation, and skillfully managed the case to a favorable outcome. As noted by the court, without the efforts of Mr. Adams and his role as lead counsel in the case, no assets would have been available for distribution to creditors.  See, In re: VoiceSmart Corp., 2000 WL 33950132 (Bankr. D.N.J.). Click here for more information about this casescroll down on the "Success Stories" page.

  • Targeted Lawsuits:  When it comes to pursuing commercial debts and accounts receivable, filing a lawsuit is one of the most powerful ways to enforce your company's legal right to recovery—​something a debt collection agency simply cannot do. Mr. Adams meticulously crafts his lawsuits to quickly get the debtor's attention and encourage prompt payment of amounts owed to your company.  As a skilled and experienced commercial debt collections attorney, Mr. Adams makes sure your legal right to recover money owed to you is enforced.  If you have a recalcitrant debtor, don't waste time; call Mr.  Adams at (215) 996-9977.

  • Extensive Legal Expertise:  Attorney Joseph M. Adams has years of experience handling high-value, large commercial debt collection cases throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Mr. Adams has appeared in various state, federal district, and bankruptcy courts and has obtained substantial recoveries on numerous claims. Some of his clients have included insurance companies, financial institutions, healthcare facilities, contractors, manufacturers, personnel employment/staffing agencies, and telecommunications companies. Mr. Adams' depth of experience is extensive.  He has handled matters involving the recovery of accounts receivables, insurance subrogation, real estate foreclosure, and damage to underground public utility cables subject to statutory protection. He has also coordinated and directed litigation in multi-state commercial debt cases on behalf of in-house corporate counsel.  If you have a commercial debt collection case, call Attorney Adams at (215) 996-9977.

Commercial Debt Collections for Both Local & Out-of-State Businesses

Regardless of the state in which your company is located, if a delinquent customer or debtor either conducts business or is located in either Pennsylvania or New Jersey, the Law Office of Joseph M. Adams can assist you in collecting a commercial debt, outstanding unpaid invoice or delinquent accounts receivable. In most cases, companies which conduct business within a particular state or have a physical presence therein provide a state court with jurisdiction to hear and adjudicate claims regarding that company. This can be true even though you may have entered into an agreement or conducted a transaction outside of Pennsylvania or New Jersey. If you have a commercial debt collection case, call Attorney Adams at (215) 996-9977.

Collection Strategies for Commercial Debt Recovery

  • Assessing the Business Relationship:  Begin by evaluating the existing relationship between the your company and the debtor.  Identify if the debtor "really" intends to pay but is facing temporary cash flow issues. This can be a tough call.  But if there is any doubt, file suit.

  • Amicable Solutions: For debtors experiencing temporary financial difficulties, consider a softer approach to preserve goodwill and maintain a profitable business relationship.  Mr. Adams can assist in finding that right balance, ensuring pressure to pay is appropriately applied while maintaining respect and understanding.

  • Aggressive Actions: For customers showing no intention to pay and no future business potential, more forceful legal measures are necessary.  In situations where there is nothing to salvage in the business relationship, and the debtor is taking undue advantage of your goodwill, prompt and decisive legal action is required.

  • Benefits of Retaining Attorney Adams: By using Attorney Adams’ legal services, you can avoid the discomfort associated with direct commercial debt collection efforts and focus more on your core business activities.


Contact Mr. Adams to Enforce Your Creditor Rights

If you have a commercial debt collection case, call Attorney Adams at (215) 996-9977.

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