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When you retain Mr. Adams as your attorney, you get someone who will go the extra mile for you.  The following examples give you an idea of what Mr. Adams has done for some of his clients... and, what he may be able to do for you!


Mortgage Foreclosure Defense Aided By Consumer Protection Laws, Equals Total Win For Client

Mr. Adams was approached by a client who was on the brink of losing her home due to a mortgage foreclosure. The client entrusted Mr. Adams with her case. As he navigated through the complexities of fighting the foreclosure to keep his client housed, Mr. Adams delved deeper into her dealings with the mortgage company. His investigation uncovered that the client had a strong basis to bring her own suit against the mortgage company for violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)—a federal law that imposes fines up to $1,500 for each illegal call to a consumer. Remarkably, it was discovered that the volume of illicit calls made by the mortgage company to the client was so extensive that the value of her TCPA claim substantially surpassed the amount of the mortgage company's claim against her. Essentially, the mortgage company owed the client more in penalties for the TCPA violations than the client owed to the mortgage company.  Mr. Adams was able to secure a settlement that not only eliminated the client's substantial mortgage debt (effectively granting her ownership of her home free and clear); but also provided her a substantial six-figure cash award on top of that. This extraordinary outcome underscores Mr. Adams' adeptness in turning a seemingly dire situation into a significantly advantageous resolution for his clients.

Illegal Debt Collection Activity Under the FDCPA Results in Debt Forgiveness for More Than a Dozen Clients, Plus Attorney Fees


Mr. Adams successfully represented more than a dozen individuals who had debt collection claims asserted against them by different collection law firms. His investigative work revealed that the law firms had consistently provided misleading information that adversely impacted his clients' defenses in the debt collection lawsuits. Utilizing the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, a law aimed at preventing illegal and abusive debt collection tactics, Mr. Adams pursued appropriate legal action and successfully advocated for his clients. As a result, all client debts were forgiven, and Mr. Adams' legal fees were paid by the firms in question - not the clients.  Mr. Adams' actions reflect his dedication to ensuring justice and upholding consumer rights under the law.

Cemetery's Wrongful Burial of Deceased Husband Leads to Substantial Six-Figure Recovery for Severe Emotional Distress

Attorney Adams represented an elderly widow, addressing a dispute with a cemetery over a double-depth grave purchased for the widow and her late husband. The family noticed the grave wasn't deep enough for two during the husband's burial, and they suspected something wasn't right. When the cemetery was questioned about the inadequate depth of the grave, it denied any impropriety or wrongdoing.  Instead, the cemetery claimed that, during the digging, a large rock was encountered that did not permit that grave to be dug any deeper.  As an accommodation, the cemetery offered to build a bulkhead and add more dirt over the terrain.  Not sure of whether she was being misled, the widow retained Mr. Adams to look into the matter.  After investigation, Mr. Adams came to suspect that the cemetery was lying and was trying to cover up the fact that it actually buried the husband in a grave that was occupied by someone else.  Mr. Adams then instituted legal action on behalf of the widow, seeking to exhume the body.  When exhumation occurred, the cemetery’s misrepresentations and deceits were laid bare, as it was revealed that, indeed, there was another unknown body underneath in the grave.  Right before the jury trial was to begin, the cemetery changed its tune.  The cemetery stopped fighting and offered instead to resolve the matter on the spot.  Negotiations then ensued under the auspices of the trial judge.  The cemetery quickly offered a substantial six-figure settlement for their wrongful conduct and infliction of emotional distress. The cemetery also agreed to relocate the husband's remains to a new (and unoccupied) double-depth grave, ensuring that the couple's planned final resting place would be realized.  The client accepted the offer, knowing that she could now have peace of mind while putting her traumatic ordeal  behind her.

A Wrongful Death Case That Multiple Lawyers Turned Down, Wound Up Being Pushed by Mr. Adams for a $2 Million Recovery

Attorney Adams represented a widow whose husband unexpectedly died from complications following heart surgery. Despite being assured of the surgery's high success rate, the widow grew suspicious due to evasive responses she received from the medical team concerning her husband's death. Understanding the inherent risks of surgery but seeking honest answers, attorney Adams initiated investigation which uncovered that the surgical team had concealed a critical error: an object was left inside her husband's body post-operation. Although this information was known to the medical team, it was kept hidden from the widow.  After a  number of medical malpractice law firms declined to undertake the case (as they didn't think they could link the medical mistake to the cause of death), Mr. Adams nevertheless pressed on to place the case.  He eventually secured representation for the widow with a firm that ultimately recovered a $2 million settlement, vindicating the widow’s suspicions and providing significant compensation for her loss. But for Mr. Adams’ persistence in placing the case with competent medical malpractice counsel in the face of multiple rejections, there never would have been a recovery for the widow.

Commercial Debt Collection - Achieving Success Through Innovative Legal Strategies

Mr. Adams has demonstrated exceptional legal acumen not only through traditional collection lawsuits but also by skillfully employing the less commonly used involuntary petition procedure under Section 303(b)(1) of the Bankruptcy Code. This approach was notably effective in a case involving Mr. Adams' client, Sprint Communications Company - a major telecommunications company - and a debtor corporation that provided international callback services and produced specialized communications equipment. Despite the debtor corporation's apparent lack of assets, it offered a strong defense against the collection efforts brought by Mr. Adams on behalf of this client. However, Mr. Adams' investigative efforts revealed connections to other companies, suggesting potential alter ego relationships that could be legally pierced.

One such alter ego was on the verge of launching an Initial Public Offering (IPO). Mr. Adams strategically assembled two additional creditors to serve as co-petitioners in filing the involuntary petition. Mr. Adams assumed the role of lead counsel, first overcoming the debtor's motion to dismiss.  He then successfully tried the case, convinced the bankruptcy judge to declare the debtor bankrupt, and had the court appoint a U.S. Trustee to manage and allocate the debtor's assets among creditors. This included assets improperly shifted to the alter ego.  Mr. Adams' leadership in strategizing with the Trustee and advocating for the collective creditor claims, which totaled $1.4 million, was instrumental in the negotiation process. Initially faced with a less than attractive settlement offer from the debtor - which the U.S. Trustee was inclined to accept, Mr. Adams' vigorous objection prompted an increase to a more acceptable number of $450,000, which in the context of the bankruptcy context was very attractive under the circumstances. Furthermore, Mr. Adams adeptly secured approximately $85,000 in attorney's fees and costs from the bankruptcy estate, under Section 503(b)(3)(A) of the Bankruptcy Code, a testament to his persuasive legal argumentation. His effective management of the case demonstrated his dedication to maximizing client outcomes through innovative legal tactics.

Estate Litigation Success - Challenger's Will Contest Fails

Mr. Adams represented both corporate and individual executors in a contentious dispute over a $2.4 million estate, challenging the Will’s validity at the behest of the decedent's nursing home caretaker. This individual asserted full entitlement to the estate, backing her claim with a supposed holographic Will that seemingly bequeathed "everything" to her. In response, Mr. Adams undertook a thorough investigation that unearthed crucial testimony from a witness. This witness recounted how the caretaker had specified that "everything" referred merely to the belongings in her room, rather than the entire estate. This revelation effectively discredited the caretaker's expansive claim, leading to the settlement of the case for a nominal sum without materially affecting the value of the estate or the beneficiaries.

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